Unleash your Power

James Elliot

Motivational Coach

Part of Power Team: 
Chapter Role: Events Committee
Phone: 905-717-9481
Website: https://www.unleashyourpower.com

James R. Elliot is passionate about creating a powerful mindset for success in sales, customer service and executive teams. He connects people to their power, passion and purpose – which creates tremendous motivation because their work life is connected to their greater purpose and “why” in their life. He speaks on taking action – just “doing it no matter what” because people can be great at getting in their own way.

Through his long path to success, he used to be clinically obese, lacked confidence and self-esteem, was not taken seriously by clients, had difficulty in sales and was unmotivated, anxious and depressed. Now, through his own transformation, he is healthy, happy, highly successful, confident, energetic and motivated! He now helps others through the same journey, by speaking and inspiring them in workshops and keynotes!

Books – James helped write an introduction to marketing textbook, is collaborating on 2 group books, and has an upcoming paperback book which is almost released, called Unleash Your Power! He’s even working on his next book!

James really enjoys getting audiences pumped up, excited about the life they can create and in touch with why they really do what they do – which will drive them like nothing else to sales and service success!

Want massive results in your executives, sales or customer service organization? Then you need James R. Elliot!